After the audition

Today at lunchtime, I spoke with Jody the director regarding the play I auditioned for.

I like her style. She started off by telling me the decision and then the why behind it. Some prefer to tell me the why first and leave me in suspense; I detest that approach.

Basically, I did not get the part and the reason was that despite what was a good audition, she felt with my lack of acting experience I wasn’t ready to lead a play. Basically, I have potential to be a decent actor, but this type of role at this time isn’t a good fit.

I’m relieved for two reasons: one, I completely agree with her and two, with my schedule the next month, making it to most rehearsals would’ve been very difficult at best. When I suggested to her it might be best for me to start with supporting roles, she said that would be a good idea. Jody also mentioned I was a “clean canvas” and that it would be better to start at one of those roles instead.

An upcoming play is a musical. I’ll try out and try not to burst out laughing. I hardly think of myself as a singer.

For upcoming plays, it would obviously be a good idea to attend plays and watch movie productions of the plays to get an idea of what the play is about and what the character does. Of course, reading the play is a good idea.

And, of course, if the chance comes to study with someone and get formal training, take it.

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