Journaling versus Facebook, Twitter

One thing I  have noticed about Facebook and Twitter is both can be used for detailed, meandering ventures into TMI Land.

TMI, of course, stands for “too much information”.

One person who was in and out of a short marriage (and is currently getting divorced), posted Facebook messages openly to his wife asking her to reconcile, then, posted updates of himself at a bar getting drunk and giving up. This continued a few times, making me think their stormy, brief marriage probably needed the help of Dr. Phil and Jerry Springer.

Some seem to think Twitter is the ideal place to post the mundane aspects about their life. Ashton Kutcher is said to once have posted about “heading to the grocery store to get fixins for salad”. It’s a good thing I wasn’t operating heavy machinery when I read that.

Myself, I use both for political views and obscure thoughts and connecting with friends. As for my personal life, that goes into my journal, where it belongs. Sure, journals can get opened, but once something is posted online, chances are it’s there for good. I prefer to save my venting for journals, just because often it’s enough to just get it written down and out of your system.

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Twitter so far

I have set up my Twitter account so that I can do updates by my cell phone. I am not able to use the # sign, though, to create keywords since my phone doesn’t have that symbol…well, it does: there’s a # key but it doesn’t create the # key to create keywords.

Confused? So am I.

So, I do updates a few times a day to tell readers about my writing career, my thoughts about anything that comes up and anything else I like to tweet about.

No, no, I don’t tweet from the toilet and I don’t tell readers about things in my life that should remain private.

How will I feel in a few months? Hard to say. I do plan, though, to do tweets when my two youngest sons and I travel down to Texas in early July. A tweet as we are flying out of Flint, flying into Atlanta, out of Atlanta, into Austin, etc.

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The latest on the writing ‘career’ of Richard Zowie

If the headline seems self-loathing, it’s actually more self-deprecating. As I have learned the past few months, there really is a difference between healthy jokes at one’s own expense and having no self-respect.

…I need to get off my lazy rear and keep up on my fiction writing. I circulated a few chapters of one novel to select friends and the feedback so far has been really good. Once I finish the novel, I am a little reluctant about submitting it for publication: I usually prefer to write thrillers and Twilight Zone-style suspense and science fiction, and I worry that this love story might type cast me. Well, perhaps that’s just a chance to be taken…

…Some may wonder about my obsession of pens, and while there’s a lot to be written about it, I can tell you this: for me, creative energy often depends on a specific style of pen in a specific color. Try writing with the same pen all the time, or with black ink only, and creativity is stifled. Strange? Yes, but writers are a different breed…

…I have learned the secret to getting more writing done: close down internet applications and get off of Facebook. I love listening to music, but when it’s from Youtube it slows the process down…

…I’m trying out Twitter and find it mildly fascinating as I tweet and read other tweets. I can see that Van Halen drummer Alex Van Halen briefly tried Twitter a few years ago; his famous kid brother Eddie seems to tweet regularly. Am still trying to convince myself it’s not just frivolous time.

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Trying out Twitter. Again.

A few weeks ago, I got into some hot water with a professional colleague when I teased her about her Twitter addiction. I’d tried Twitter and found it pointless. After all, who needs to know all the things your’s truly is doing throughout the day? Such as:

restlessrick Is taking a very fast hot shower to conserve what little propane is left

restlessrick Is rolling his eyes and regretting watching Anne Hathaway’s Rachel Getting Married movie

It always seemed like a waste of time, something that was the same as what facebook offers.

Now, I’m starting to use it more to try to get publicity for my writing work.

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